Liquidity Mining Tutorial of ROO on PuddingSwap (PC)


1. Go to PuddinSwap Web:

2. Connect Wallet first, then click “Exchange”:

3. Click “Add Liquidity”

4. Choose token “ROO” and “USDT”, and then input the amount you want to add.

5. Click “Appove ROO” and “Approve USDT” to authorize in your wallet

6. Then click “Supply”

7. Click “Confirm Supply” to finish and obtain LP token

8. Then go back to “Farm”

9. Choose ROO-USDT, click “Approve”

10. After confirm in your wallet, click “Add” to stake your LP token

11. Input the amount you want to stake and then click “Confirm”

12. Now you have finished the process and can view your PUD earnings in real time.

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