APY 30,000+%! Tutorial for ROO Staking to help you earn super high yields

3 min readAug 5, 2021

After the ROO single token staking pool is online, we have received warm support from the community. Thank you every kangaroo! 🦘🦘

On the first day when ROO staking pool was launched, it quickly attracted the attention of the community and the response was enthusiastic. According to the website’s real-time data, on the first day of launch, the APY exceeded 40,000%, and it is currently stable at about 27,000%. The rate of return can be said to be the best. 💰💰

🚀🚀 The price of ROO also increased by more than 100% in one day, which not only represents the community’s recognition of the project and the expectation for future development, but also fully proves the strength of RooLend and its development potential.

RooLend successfully realised high-yield, low-risk DeFi mining, which increased the earnings of ROO hodlers. More importantly, while ensuring a high rate of return, RooLend also attaches great importance to the safety of users’ assets. The smart contract has been audited by the industry’s well-known audit company Fairyproof, and the team also conducted detailed tests before the function went live.

In the first 5 days of staking, the pool will allocate 10 times of additional rewards, and the daily rewards will decrease to a constant value, which means that users who stake earlier will get a greater reward!

⛏ ⛏ Start your staking right now to earn high yields: https://roolend.finance/#/pledge

For detail rules: https://roolend-finance.medium.com/announcement-on-the-launch-of-roolends-stronk-pool-32844fd6ff1f

Below is the tutorial to help you earn the rewards more easily!

  1. Enter the offificial website (https://roolend.fifinance), connect to the wallet and click “Stake” to enter the staking page;

2. Click the “Deposit” button of the deposit pool;

3. Enter the amount of ROO deposited and click “deposit” to get the same amount of sROO tokens;

4. Enter the amount to be staked in the sROO pool and click “stake”;

5. Click “Claim” to withdraw staking incentives.

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