Announcement On The Launch of RooLend’s Stronk Pool

2 min readJul 30, 2021

The platform will soon open a stronk pool of ROO, and users who stake ROO can obtain ROO incentives. The specific rules of the stronk pool are as follows:

1. What is stronk pool

This is a time-limited pool that allows users to deposit ROO tokens. In return, you will get sROO tokens. After 3 months, you can redeem sROO tokens for ROO at the ration of 1:1.

1) Users need to deposit ROO tokens in the designated pool, and obtain sROO at a 1:1 ratio;

2)Stake the acquired sROO to obtain ROO mining incentives.

3)For users who want to redeem ROO in advance, RooLend team will create a sROO/ROO trading pair on Pudding Swap, and users can redeem ROO back in advance through transactions.

2. Token rewards

Users who participate in the stronk pool can get ROO as rewards. Users who participated in the pool in the first 5 days will receive additional rewards. Specifically, the total reward is 10,000 ROO on the first day, the total reward is 8,000 on the second day, 6,000 on the third 3day, 5,000 on the 4th day, 4,000 on the 5th day, and a constant reward of 3,000 every day after the 6th day.

The amount of additional rewards will be locked for 1 month and released after 1 month, and the remaining constant rewards will be released every day.


1) Open the ROO deposit pool first. Users can deposit ROO to get sROO tokens. The opening time is 14 days. After 14 days, the pool will be closed. After closing, you can no longer participate in staking.

2)24 hours after the deposit pool is opened, the stronk pool will be opened, and users can stake sROO into the pool to get ROO rewards. The stronk pool is opened one day later than the deposit pool, which is to allow users to have sufficient time to convert tokens, so that users can participate in yield farming more fairly and avoid unfair situations such as “snatching off”.

3)After the stronk pool expires, users can redeem sROO back to ROO at a ratio of 1:1.

RooLend.Finance Team