5,200 ROO Airdrop to Celebrate Launch of RooLend.Finance

2 min readJun 26, 2021

🔥To celebrate the successful launch of RooLend.Finance on Hoo Smart Chain, RooLend will airdrop 5,200 ROOs to supporters!

Three random snapshots will be taken within 72 hours after the official launch. The amount of deposit and borrowing of each address will be obtained from each snapshot. After three snapshots, a total of 5,200 ROOs will be airdropped to the first 500 ranked addresses based on each one’s average amount of deposit and borrowing.

⏰ Period

Within 72 hours after the launch

💰 Award

🥇1st place : 500 ROO

🥈2nd place: 400 ROO

🥉3rd place:300 ROO

4–10: 100 ROO per person, 700 in total

11–50: 20 ROO per person, 800 in total

51–100, 10 ROO per person, 500 in total

101–500, 5 ROO per person, 2,000 in total

🎉 Award distribution

1. The average amount of deposit and borrowing of each address is calculated based on the average amount from the 3 random snapshots. If the deposit and borrowing amount of the address to a certain snapshot is 0, it will still be included in the calculation; that is, in the calculation of the average amount, the denominator is constant at 3;

2. Results will be calculated and announced after the 3 snapshots;

3. Award distribution will be completed within 3 days after the results are announced.

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